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Tactical Dispatch
Command One

Special Teams and Capabilities

County Animal Response Team  |  Incident Management Team  |  Unmanned Aerial System  |  Hazmat Team  |  Radio  |  Tactical Dispatch. |. Command One Vehicle

County Animal Response Team (CART) 

Who: Team of all backgrounds and professional disciples

Purpose: Assisting animals before, during, and after disasters; sheltering, field rescue, outreach and education for natural disasters and large-scale animal cruelty cases

Meetings: first Thursday of every month

Team Chief: Megan Arsenault

Incident Management Team (IMT)

Who: Primarily compromised of Fire, Police, EMS Chiefs, and volunteers 

Purpose: Respond to local and regional incidents to provide incident management and ICS support

Team Chief: Nate Schools


Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

Who: Licensed pilots, support staff and volunteers

Purpose: The “Drone Team” is a YCEMA deployable asset which aids in search and rescue, law enforcement incidents, fires, and natural hazards

[Command 2 Photo] 

Team Chief: Marc Brunelle


Hazmat Team  



Who: HAM amateur radio operators 

Purpose: Supports EMA as the third backup communication system for all York County Towns, as well support communications for all shelters and Local Directors in York County

Team Chief: Neil Tolman












Tactical Dispatch

Who: Professional dispatchers

Purpose: On-scene direct dispatcher, who deploy as a mobile unit in Command One to incidents 




Command One Vehicle 

Mobile command center

Full suite of technology

Deployable asset to emergency incidents or sites

Only county in the Maine to have such an asset 


Office Hours : Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

EMA Duty Officer during non-business hours


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