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     In todays world the computer has become the most important device in the workplace. In less than 30 years the personal computer revolutionized the way we live, work and play. Connecting us to a vast repository of knowledge and allowing us to communicate with people across the globe.


     The York County Information Technology department provides various support for multiple office locations and departments within the county, including the Superior Courthouse, The District Attorney's offices, The Sheriff's office, the York County Corrections Facility, the Registry of Deed's, Registry of Probate and the Emergency Management Agency.

     On top of insuring the network is running smoothly and day to day issues are resolved. We are also responsible for researching, designing, testing and deploying financially responsible innovative technology that increases the productivity of our users.

      Over the last few years we have also taken on the responsibility of staff photographer/videographer for the county, as well as performing all the graphic design work and the building and maintaining of the county website.


     Everyone of us takes pride in the systems we build and the support we provide. If you need to contact us for any reason just click the contact link to the left.

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