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                                                Referral and Intake


   The CAC accepts referrals from law enforcement, child protective services, and the DA’s office when there is an allegation, disclosure, or suspicion of sexual abuse of a child. Once a family is referred, the Family Advocate contacts them and the relevant investigators to schedule an interview of the child.


                                              Pre-Interview Meeting


   The child and their caregiver are invited to tour the CAC upon arrival. The caregiver is invited to meet with the multidisciplinary team (the CAC Forensic Interviewer and the investigators there to observe) to ask questions and relay concerns while the Family Advocate waits with the child. The caregiver is asked to sign a release for their child to have a recorded interview.



   A specially trained interviewer will meet with the child in our child-friendly interview room. The interview is live streamed into an observation room where only investigators from law enforcement, child protective services, and the DA’s office can observe the interview as it happens.

Forensic interviews are neutral, non-leading, developmentally-appropriate conversations. The conversation is based on a protocol that is evidence-based and nationally recognized.


   While the child is being interviewed, the caregiver will meet with the Family Advocate who can support the caregiver and make any necessary service referrals.


                                             Post-Interview Meeting


   Following the interview, the caregiver will be invited back in to meet again with investigators and the interviewer. The team will report on the interview and will each discuss next steps for their respective investigations. Parents will again have the opportunity to ask any questions and report any concerns.



   The Family Advocate will follow up with the family at one week and again at thirty days following the interview. This is to ensure that all needs are met and needed services are in place


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